Rental Process

What happens after you place an order?




After your order is placed, you will receive an confirmation email with a link to a short survey. This survey is required for all rental customers. Once the survey is filled out, your order will be shipped within 5 business days. The shipment can take 2 - 10 days to arrive.



For monthly rental customers, you will be charged a monthly fee, starting from the day you sign for the instrument upon delivery. You will then be charged on that same date of each month afterwards. A shipping fee will be charged with your first payment.

For one-year rental customers, you pay a one-time one-year rental fee. You enjoy a lower average monthly rate, and we cover the delivery shipping fee for you. 


Upon receiving the order

When you receive the instrument, you should first check the product to make sure everything is intact and that there is no quality issue. If you see any issue with the product, please contact our customer service within 5 days of receiving the product. We will gladly exchange the product with no additional charges if there are any defects. If we are not noticed within the 5-day period, it will automatically be noted that your product was received in perfect condition.

Wanna switch between plans? 

If you choose the one-year rental plan, you cannot switch to a monthly plan or get refunded for returning the instrument early.

If you choose the monthly plan, you can transfer to a yearly plan anytime during the rental period. We will charge you with the rest of the year’s rental fee at the cheaper average monthly fee. We will also reimburse the shipping fee that you have previously paid.

For example: You are renting the beginner level violin on a monthly plan. You’ve paid $25 for the first month and $20 for shipping but decide to transfer to the yearly plan starting from Month 2. You contact Musifai customer service to switch your plan, and we will ask you to pay for the remaining 11 months’  at the yearly rental price ($12/month) upfront. Lastly, we will reimburse the $20 shipping fee.


Returning your rental

If you’re on the monthly plan, you may return the instrument at any time after the first 3 months. If you would like to end your rental before the minimum 3-months period, you will still be charged for 3 months' rental fee. To initiate a rental return, please make a request at least 20 days before the start of your next billing cycle, in order to avoid auto-renewal for the following month.

For customers on the one-year plan, if you decide to return the instrument instead of buying it towards the end of the lease, please first contact us by calling our customer service, emailing us at, or reaching out to our representatives online. From there, we will help you through the return process.

The return date is the business day after your rental terminates, and you’ll need to ship it by 12 p.m. of the date. You can also choose to ship it to us earlier than the return date. All rental customers will need to cover for the return shipping fee. You will not need to pay for any handling charge.

Here are a few important notes for your rental return: 

  • All products must be cleaned before re-packaging.
  • All products must be returned in the original package or comparable packaging to that of the original.
  • String instruments require packaging under the tailpiece and around bridge. Tops of instruments must be facing upwards. Bridges on cellos and basses must be put down and safely packaged.
  • Please label on the outside of each box with your name.
  • Please securely package all products to ensure safe transit. You are responsible for any damages or loss that occurs during rental return shipping.

Late fee policy:

We take pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations of all of our customers by providing an exceptional experience that begins with an on-time delivery. We rely on our customers to return our products on time so that we can ensure other customers will have their instruments on time. 

If you return your item late, a late fee of the monthly rental fee of your instrument will be charged to your card. If you do not return the instrument within 15 days of the return date, we will consider it a non-return, and you will be charged the full retail price of your rental item.


Have questions? Check out our FAQ page and see if we've got your answers!