Musifai Introduces Next Generation Online Musical Instruments Store

NEW YORK, May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Musifai, the innovative online musical instruments platform, has unveiled a new website – – geared to showcasing and leasing instruments for every musician--or aspiring musician--to tap into their creativity without worrying about expenses. The website features a wide variety of musical instruments to suit the unique needs of each musician, plus easy payment methods to fit individual budgets, providing a much better user experience than other online musical instruments stores.

Ti Zhang, Founder and CEO of Musifai said, "Musifai has built a disruptive online platform that enables musicians to be creative regardless of their income or budget. We support musicians by providing instruments at affordable prices, as well as helping musicians to reach a larger audience as well. Everyone at Musifai plays an instrument and our passion is to make playing music an affordable activity and to be a haven for musicians worldwide.

The website's fast, interactive capabilities insure that an instrument can be selected and delivered within days, at a price and financing to fit every person's budget.

Mr. Zhang concluded, "You can decide to rent by month or by year, or simply purchase the instrument immediately or after a year using the payments already made. With a visually compelling design and simple functionality, is designed to be the preferred site for music students and professionals. Mr. Zhang also announced the website will soon be complemented by Musifai's online instruction packages.

About Musifai

Musifai is a musical instrument e-commerce platform that provides rentals and purchase services for all kinds of musical instruments. Within a few clicks, you can select the model, the rental plan, delivery location, and you will be good to go! For more information, go to

Company Contact: Ti Zhang CEO/

Press Contact: Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt 917-854-4726

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